Patti Perez

VP of Workplace Strategy

Patti Perez serves as VP of Workplace Strategy at Emtrain. She combines her experience as a licensed California attorney, a professionally-certified HR executive, a workplace culture specialist, an expert witness in state and federal court, a state regulator and an entrepreneur to achieve her mission to transform workplace culture from reactive to proactive, from fear-based to empathy-based, and from disconnected to radically connected and inclusive.

Patti is also the author of the newly-released book, The Drama-Free Workplace, which combines her professional experience with compelling data and a broad range of behavioral science research findings to present innovative solutions and a fresh approach to creating and maintaining a healthy, drama-free culture at work.

A native of El Salvador, Patti is a graduate of UCLA and the UCLA School of Law and works throughout the US and internationally. She lives in San Diego with her husband, Tom, where they enjoy the life of empty nesters but remain their three kids’ (Nick, Christina, Tony) biggest fans!